Indonesian Fossil Coral
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Some rock fossils and minerals are made for home decoration, such as agate slab, petrified wood ashtray, ammonite, sphere ball and egg, stone carving, etc.

Not many people know that such a fossil - a mineral rock stone can be a beautiful home decoration, either as it is or when cut, shaped and highly polished. Although most people who like these kind of decoration are a collector or interested in nature beauty, but it will be surprising that people who is not interested in nature would probably mesmerized with their uniqueness.

Say, for the petrified wood ashtrays - yes it's all an ashtray but each one has their own unique pattern and almost impossible to get the exact same match one. For the ammonites, they are for sure has a different pattern on each item, just like as no living things can be exactly the same - one to each other. It's interesting also for the sphere ball which "sit" on a nature stand or a cabochon stand and for agate/jasper slab with an iron stand.

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