Wirewrap Pendant Tutorial

Basic for beginner


  • Cabochon and Measurer
  • Chain Nose Plier
  • Wire Cutter
  • Nylon Plier
  • Two 20 cm 20 ga base wires and 26 ga wrapping wire in the spool

Step 01

Measure the stone

Measure the perimeter of the stone. Mine is around 6.5 cm.

Step 02

Creating the bezel

Wrap the first base wire away from you a few times to secure.

Step 03

Creating the bezel

Wrap the upper base wire towards you 2 times then wrap the lower base wire away from you 4 times. Repeat the process until the length is the same perimeter length of the stone.

The Bezel

Finish wrapping for the bezel.
My bezel length is around 6.5 cm.

Step 04

Shape the bezel

Slightly curve the middle bezel then shape the bezel according to the cabochon shape.

Step 05

Put the stone

Place the stone inside the wire frame then shape the wire as needed.

Step 06

Close the front & back wire

Wrap a few times the two back base wires with the 26ga wire on the right (the short one) then cut it & wrap the two front base wires with the 26 ga wire on the left (the one in the spool).

Step 07

Close the frame

To close the cabochon frame, wrap a few times around all 4 base wires.

Step 08

Wrapping the bail

Wrap the two front-base wire. Wrap away from you the bottom wire two times then two times towards you for the upper wire.

Step 09

Shaping the bail

Push the bail to the back of the stone. I use a screwdriver to help me shaping the bail, then wrap to one of the base wire a few times to secure.

Step 10

Secure the bail

While the stone facing front, use the left base wire to wrap the bail a few times, curve the end so it won't poke then cut the thin wire from the spool.

Step 11

Make decoration

Coil the last base wire for around 3 cm length.

Push the coil until it touch the bail then cut the remaining base wire.

Step 12

Make decoration

With the chain nose plier, create a very small loop then continue to create a spiral using the nylon plier. Bring the spiral to the front of the stone.

Step 13


Cut the last two base wire at the back of the stone then curve it so it won't poke.


You did it